Wendy Thomas knows her stuff! My husband and I hired her to help us install our first infant car seat. She came over to our house when it was convenient for us, and gave us a thorough lesson not only in the car seat we were using, but in infant car safety generally. She's the expert. We felt much more secure after having her help us. Well worth the money and time! We can't recommend her highly enough. - Abby D

You are incredibly efficient. Thank you so much. Your visit yesterday and this follow-up information are so, so helpful - it's probably the best $25 I have spent in a long time. - L

Thanks so much for meeting with us today on such short notice and sending on this info. You really provide a great service and it was great to meet you. - E & B

I want to say thank you for meeting with my husband and I and helping us secure our son's carseat. You had just returned from a trip, had your two girls in tow, and were on your way to get groceries - but you made time for us and our son. Amazing. The carseat is so stable now and we have been using the back anchor, and we feel so much safer all around. This is a great service you are offering. Thank you so very much. - T & C

2015 by Wendy Tischler Thomas