I am taking a break from carseat checks starting 11/6/18. Please contact one of my colleagues for an in person check, or feel free to contact me for advice or recommendations.


1. When do you do checks?

I meet with clients weekday mornings starting usually between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. If you need an evening or weekend time, please contact Sue Emery, Kathy Kruger, and Kelsie Laveta. You can also go to http://800bucklup.org/carseat/inspections.asp to find other technicians in our area.

2. How long does a check take?

A check with one seat and one car typically takes about an hour. Additional seats and cars can go beyond that.

3. How much do you charge?

I charge $40 for the first seat and $25 for additional seats/cars/visits beyond that.

4. What do I need to do and bring for a check?

Please bring all parts of the seat (base, if applicable, seat, manual) and anything you are planning to use with, on, or under the seat. If you have a brand new seat you are welcome to install it before we meet, so that way you can know in advance if you have any questions about it. Or I am happy to help you unbox and install the seat properly the very first time.

5. Where do you check seats?

I check seats through the Seattle metro area, including Seattle, the Eastside, into Snohomish county, Tukwila and points south. If you are outside of my general area, I may be able to help you find a tech more local to you.

6. Should I bring my child with me?

Ideally yes, unless they are as of yet unborn. This is so we can see the fit of the seat with the child in it, I can check harness snugness, and for older kids, I can discuss with them their responsibility in the car. I know this is not always possible or convenient, but it is ideal. They do not need to be present for the entire check, hopefully only about five minutes.

7. We're scheduled to meet in an hour but it's pouring down rain/it's snowing/it's too cold. Will you still meet?

In pouring rain and snow/ice conditions I would prefer to reschedule. I will do checks in light rain, and in the dark. Unless we're meeting someplace covered, be prepared for weather. Or contact me and we'll reschedule or figure out a covered location where we can continue.

8. I'm due in two weeks and I'd love to have the seat checked before that. Will you have time to see me in the next two weeks?

In many instances I can see people within a week, based on scheduling.

9. I would love to have my four seats checked, but I don't have $115 for the total cost. Will you still check my seats??

Absolutely! I'm happy to work with you on any amount that will fit in your current budget.

10. Why should I pay you when I can go somewhere else and get this done for free?

What you get with me is education as well as installation, for as many cars as you would like, at a time and location that are good for you. I will spend the time necessary with you to make sure that your seat is installed properly, you know how to use it, and answer any questions you have. I will not charge by the hour, just by the job.

11. Six months ago you checked my infant seat. Now I have a convertible in each car that I need help with. How much do you charge for that?

This situation falls under additional seats and cars, since most of the education had been done during the first meeting. For two convertibles in two cars that would cost $50

12. How can I pay you?

Cash, check, or paypal (to wendy@wendytt.com) are accepted. I also accept all major credit cards (MC, Visa, Amex, Discover). If you have received a gift card, I have already been paid and there is no charge to you.

13. Do you teach classes or do workshops for groups?

Absolutely. Contact me to work out availability and pricing.

14. Do you have a recommendation for a seat for me?

Very likely! Feel free to send an email with your child's age, weight, height, shirt size (that gives me an idea of their torso length), budget, and what car(s) the child will be in. There are no charges for emails.

15. How did you get into this?

When my older daughter was born in 2002, I did what most parents do and researched what seat I wanted for her. I found myself peeking into backseats and into carseats, still interested in what seats were out there, even though I had chosen for my daughter already. Some people I knew who were technicians and adovcates suggested I become certified. That was 2006 and I haven't looked back since.

16. Do you offer gift cards?

I do! Please visit my online gift card shop to send virtual gift cards to family or friends.

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